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24Sep 2020

6 Reasons why you absolutely need a Video Resume for today’s Job Market

video resume todays jobmarket

With employers taking to social media to screen candidates and resorting to virtual interviews, it is clear that technology is changing the face of recruitment. So job seekers looking to land their dream job must think of ways to stand out from the crowd. One such strategy is the Video Resume. 


Video Resumes today are being touted as the modern weapon in a candidate’s arsenal that gives them an edge in this competitive market. And rightly so because video resume combines the information of the traditional paper resume with the personalization of a face-to-face interview. As easy as it is to record a video and distribute it over the internet, video resumes could soon become as common as dropping a business card. If you haven’t considered a Video Resume in your job application so far, here are some compelling reasons for you to do so:-


Showcase your Personality

One of the greatest advantages that video resume has over a traditional paper resume is that Video resumes let the employer see the real you.  You can show off your personality as the employer will be able to see your body language, your smile, your expressions while talking and most importantly your communication. Your passion and enthusiasm for the opportunity at hand clearly show through and that is what the employers want to see! That’s not to say that the traditional resume will completely give away to video resumes. A traditional resume is important because they list your skills, achievements and work experience in detail while a Video resume gives a face to it. So in effect, video resumes can in fact complement traditional resume in your job application.



Your video resume doesn’t have to be a video version of your CV. With a little bit of foresight, you can create an outstanding video piece. Use the video resume as a tool to tell them things that they’d like to know. In other words, customize your resume to the job at hand. Tell them why you’re a perfect fit for the job andyou’re your skills are perfectly suited to the role. It is something that you can never do with a traditional paper resume. You could even use humour or start with a little story as long as it’s relevant. If you can get a professional to shoot your video, nothing like it but even if you are on your own, there are several video resume making tools available online.


Here’s a brilliant example of a Creative Video resume from that doubles as her portfolio too!


Source: https://biteable.com/blog/video-resume-examples/




Candidates tend to get edgy with in-person interviews. They are so nervous thinking about possible questions that employers might ask, they end up messing it. Video Resume is your chance to answer those questions preemptively. One of the patent questions that all employers have is why they should hire you. They may ask this in a hundred different ways but ultimately what they want to know is what sets you apart from others. You can address this question in your video resume proactively.


Shows you are Tech-savvy

Submitting a video resume shows that you are tech-savvy and are comfortable with technology. This is a great plus in today’s age for all industries because it shows that you are aware of new and emerging technologies and can learn things quickly if need be!


Attract More Attention

In a traditional resume; the employer may not bother to read through the whole thing. They can hurry through it and simply put it aside. With a Video Resume, on the other hand, there is no hurrying through it. They either watch the whole thing or they don’t. While watching it, their attention is you and on you alone.


Proves your salesmanship

A video resume is nothing but a sales pitch. After all, you use your eloquence to sell your skills to the employer. This proves your power to convince customers, a skill vital for marketing and customer-facing roles.


Wrapping it up

It is becoming a common practice for employers to use Video Resume to shortlist candidates especially in the times of the pandemic when the entire workforce has shifted to a remote mode and an in-person interview isn’t possible. It does not just save time but is also more efficient than going through all that text in the printed CV. It speeds up the whole recruitment game as the employer can assess the skills, personality, communication ability and body language of the person in just a few minutes! What’s more, you become a person rather than just a piece of paper.