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18Jun 2020

Best Tips to Handle Job Rejection

how to handle job rejection

It is always frustrating to get rejected in a job interview. Further, the failure in a job interview leads to stress and anxiety. If a candidate is unable to clear an interview even after putting all the hard work, it breaks the person from within. However, that should not be the case as life moves on and so does the zeal to work for betterment. If you have faced a job rejection in recent times or want to learn how to deal with such rejections, and hence find a way out for career advancement, then this article is for you.


Rather than feeling demotivated and dejected, you must use the time to learn the art of analysing the job interview and figure out the area of improvements. Subsequently, ask yourself some questions such as “Did I answer every question with confidence”? Asking such questions will give you the room to reengineer your skills and work on the area that needs more focus. Other than this, try to pen down your area of strengths and weaknesses, and chalk out a strategical plan before you appear for the next interview.


Most importantly, always remember to ask for a feedback from the interviewer at the end of the conservation. This will give you a clearer idea of where do you stand and what will be your next course of action. Let’s look at some of the key areas that you need to relook after a job rejection, and increase your chances of getting selected the next time you appear for an interview:


Do Your Research at First

Don’t just apply for a job for the sake of it. It is seen quite often that candidates apply randomly for a job due to desperation without looking at the job description. Therefore, candidates must read the KRA and job descriptions carefully before applying for a respective job. This will give candidates a clear understanding about the job role and the expectations of the organization. On the other hand, it will provide more space for the applicant to face the interview with a confident mind set. In addition to that, as a candidate, you must also check that the particular job is matching your passion and interest or not as well.


Keep Yourself Updated

In this rapidly changing times and advancement in technology, the working philosophy of organisations is also changing. For example, the records of documents and files that were stored physically a few years back has now been replaced by Google drives. Therefore, candidates with a certain skillset and expertise need to keep themselves updated accordingly. Here’s a catch! You must not confuse this by change of domain. Updating your skills here mean honing your existing and primary skills with new things! This will also give a boost to your resume.


Apply for a Job Carefully

Candidates need to change their mindset and perspective while applying for a job. It is important for every candidate to thoroughly read the key responsibility area of the respective job, and see if the job is in line with his/her expertise. In the second step, candidates must also make a few changes in their resumes and make their resumes look justified to the applied job(s). This will help the HR of the company to scan your resume easily and proceed with the interview without any confusion.


The last and foremost tip to move ahead after a job interview rejection is to learn from the past mistakes and improvise smartly. On this note, recruitment agencies play a bigger role and act as a bridge between organisations and candidates. HRINC is one such leading recruitment organisation that has been giving reliable and trustworthy services to clients to meet the requirement of skilled manpower.