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27May 2020

Best Ways to Make Recruiting More Effective


When any vacancy opens in an organization, it typically takes around 36 days to fill that position along with the cost invested in the same. Many firms don’t have that much time and money to dedicate to their hiring process every time they need a new employee. This makes the improvement of the effectiveness of the company’s recruitment process even more vital. Refined recruitments are more effective; and the same time, pleasant as well for both,the candidates applying for that job as well as for the recruitment team(s).

5 Ways to Make Recruiting More Effective

Human resources play a crucial role in the success of any business. The key is to utilize them effectively and attain mutually beneficial goals. A refined recruitment process must be in place to select the right candidates with the desired qualification, skills, and experience. Let’s have a look at how the recruitments can be made effectively.

1.Requirement Analysis

“N” number of vacancies can open in a company for different roles and departments. These arise due to company expansion, employee attrition, etc. An analysis needs to be made and recruitment should be done by giving more preference to the roles which are vital for the company’s success and growth.

2.Include Only the Must-Haves in the JDs

Many studies done in this domain suggest that women are seen to be applying for jobs where they meet 100 percent of the criteria mentioned in the JD, while men even apply for jobs where they meet 60 percent of the requirements. So, unnecessary requirements mentioned in the job descriptions can put a damper on your recruitment process. To avoid prolonging your candidate search, and costs incurred for the same along with additional time and company’s resources, the recruitment team must omit unnecessary details from the job descriptions and tighten them up for increasing the quality of applicants.

3.Encourage Inside Hires

Internal promotions can be analyzed to fill up the vacancies. Internal candidates know the company and its culture well, and perfect training would put them onthe right track. This may reducerecruitment costs as well.

4.Streamline the Interview Process

A very well-organized interview process is always a plus for the company. Every role is different and demands a particular interview process. The candidates will be ensured of the consistency in the company’s operations.

5.Boost the Sourcing of Candidates – Explore Social Media

Social media isn’t only to connect to friends and family. It can also be used for advertising, connecting to the groups with the relevant expertise. LinkedIn, a very popular professional networking site, has connections to every role of any company. These new-gen sources prove to be more effective in providing suitable candidates.

The major points of concern while recruiting are mentioned above. The strict adherence to them along with some other points which depend upon the company will result in effective recruitment. In the current pandemic situation of COVID-19, it’s highly recommended for the companies to hire through online systems. Assessment tests, telephonic interviews, video conferencing interviews come to the rescue.