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27Aug 2019

Best Interview Techniques for Effective Recruitment

Interviewing a candidate for a job is far more critical than it has always appeared. In this evolutionary era when jobs have evolved and transformed big time, the way we recruit for a job also needs evolution.

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21Aug 2019

Frequently Asked Interview Questions In a Technical Interview

What basically is an interview? In the common parlance, it is just a one to one conversation between two people one who may be denoted as an interviewer and the other as an interviewee or candidate, where questions are asked and answers sought to know the candidate better. It normally involves spoken conversation between two or more persons. In the case of employment, interviews take place for the purpose of evaluating the job seeker for the job applied for, based on his qualifications and skillset and various other factors like attitude, confidence, experience, etc.

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14Aug 2019

Step By Step Recruitment Hiring Process

Let us first understand what is meant by the word recruitment. Recruitment is a process of hiring suitable candidates in an organization for the jobs that they choose. This may be permanent or temporary.

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27Jul 2019

How Can Human Resources Motivate Employees in an Organisation

Human Resources as its name suggests is meant to sustain and nurture the human capital of an organisation. The sole purpose of taking care of the employees is to keep them happy and motivated towards achieving the ultimate organisational goal. Being functional towards maintaining the intrinsic motivation of the employees is an important aspect of considering motivational techniques.

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23Jun 2019

Work from home

Work from Home or Remote Workplace has become a common phenomenon in recent years. New age companies offer remote working option for lots of reasons. Although many critiques would argue that remote working has challenges in terms of managing teams, enforcing company policies, punctuality and personal interaction, yet the bastions of remote workplace are of the view that benefits far outweighs the concerns and many of them are unfounded too. Let us peep into a few important benefits to get an idea of exactly what advantage is derived by employer and employees.

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