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17Mar 2019

What are HR Managers looking for when Interviewing candidates?

What are HR Managers looking for when Interviewing candidates? Well, isn’t this the million dollar question that every job seeker would want to know? Yes, it would be great to understand what the recruiters are looking for in the candidates. It not only gives you an upper hand for your preparation but also reduces your nervousness during the interview. Other than the qualifications and skills required to match for the job, HR Managers expect to see a lot of things in a candidate during the interview. Here are a few things that interviewers seek in candidates, during the interview.

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10Mar 2019

Artificial Intelligence in the Hiring Process

Artificial Intelligence in the Hiring Process is currently gaining a lot of popularity among the companies. This software is used to reduce and streamline the repetitive, and high-volume tasks such as going through CVs to shortlist the applicants etc. Now, is Artificial Intelligence having an upper hand in the Recruitment Industry? To answer this question we should take a look at the following aspects of Artificial Intelligence and its actual implementation in the recruitment procedures.

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24Feb 2019

The Iron Lady of HR - Nandita Gurjar

Nandita Gurjar is one name that would definitely strike the memory chords for every person in the corporate world. Most of the women would stop their flourishing career after having two kids, but Nandita Gurjar is not just another fish in a pond. She studied executive MBA Diploma at Harvard and kickstarted her career after 10 years post education.

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25Jan 2019

Confidence Building Tips for Job Interviews

Job interviews are nerve-wracking, no matter how much you prepare for it! In ‘Interviews’ - you are actually, submitting yourself to be judged for almost half an hour by strangers and who have the power to control your career growth. Certainly, you'll get anxious! And when you have a spotty job history, it even becomes difficult to enter the room with confidence ‘One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is Preparation’

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14Jan 2019

What do recruiters look for in a CV?

We design our CV thinking it is comprehensive and competitive, but still it may not leave the required impact. You may be holding an appropriate experience and may be a suitable candidate for the recruiter but if you are not able to document it on your CV, you may stand a chance of not being considered at the first level itself. The time when you are about to send your profile to the recruiter, sit down on your CV and analyze if it is actually going to meet the requirements of the recruiter. Hence, there are many aspects which need to be substantiated before submitting your CV to a recruiter. Before, starting to draft it ensure that the following aspects are duly covered:

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