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27Jul 2019

How Can Human Resources Motivate Employees in an Organisation

Human Resources as its name suggests is meant to sustain and nurture the human capital of an organisation. The sole purpose of taking care of the employees is to keep them happy and motivated towards achieving the ultimate organisational goal. Being functional towards maintaining the intrinsic motivation of the employees is an important aspect of considering motivational techniques.

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23Jun 2019

Work from home

Work from Home or Remote Workplace has become a common phenomenon in recent years. New age companies offer remote working option for lots of reasons. Although many critiques would argue that remote working has challenges in terms of managing teams, enforcing company policies, punctuality and personal interaction, yet the bastions of remote workplace are of the view that benefits far outweighs the concerns and many of them are unfounded too. Let us peep into a few important benefits to get an idea of exactly what advantage is derived by employer and employees.

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03Jun 2019

Productivity Tools for HR Managers

Everyone is talking about productivity now a days. Be it the Task Master Manager or the target driven Sales Executive or even the friendly Accountant, sitting next to you. For decades, Productivity was a word more associated with Operations People, working on shop floor. But gradually the concept of efficiency and yield has percolated to other functions including Human Resource. We will discuss here, five Productivity Tools, that will be very useful to any recruiter, for enhancing his or her ‘productivity’ ie., doing more in less time.

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29May 2019

How to conquer high employee turnover

Now-a-days trend has reversed. Employees stay with a company for approx. 4 years. They change around 12 companies over their lifetime. Even companies have started acknowledging this fact and started devising strategies to plug in the turnover rate. Extensive management research has been done in this area and surprisingly enough one of the major factors influencing attrition issue is employee recognition. Let us see how employee recognition affects attrition, how attrition is detrimental, what companies have done, where is the gap and what can be done.

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12May 2019

Future Trends of Human Resource Management

Whenever the word future is attributed to any context, the first thing that comes to anyone is the technology and futuristic gadgets. The same goes for future trends in HRM. Human Resource Management is a very vital department since it manages and supports the employees who are the backbone of any company. Given such the importance of a job, the technologies and the trends used in this task should also be up to the notch. Here are some future trends of the HRM which would shape, improve and even ease the stress of the HR Managers.

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