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16Jun 2020

Recruitment Consultant Expectations vs Reality

Hiring the right people for a job is a challenging one. Some may have the required skills but do not have experience. Some others will have lots of experience but no skills required for the job. In such a situation, majority of the organizations opt for recruitment consultants to help them select a suitable person.

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12Jun 2020

Why do Firms feel Annoyed of Recruitment Agencies ?

Getting the right talent onboard is the quest of every other organization. With the count of talent seeking employment is way more than the number of openings; it often turns into a tenacious task for hiring managers to zero in on one from a bunch of many.

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09Jun 2020

How to build an Impressive CV

CV is the first point of contact between a job seeker and an employer. Therefore, it is crucial that your CV should be succinct and attractive. It is imperative that the CV should reflect your information explicitly.

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05Jun 2020

Ways to Choose Best Recruitment Agency

A Complete Guide to head you in right direction on how to choose the best recruitment agency for your company in 2020

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01Jun 2020

Technology Can Never Replace Recruitment Consultants: Top 5 Reasons

This is surely the era of technology; wherever we go, most of the functionsare done by the gadgets, smartphones & digital technology, but the processing of these is managed by humans only. Also, while you think about it so deeply, you can get to the point that digitalization is just to support mankind for the conduction of processes in a swift way and not to replace the workforce. You can get relieved of those robotic workforce misconceptions if you get the top 5 reasons where technology can never replace the recruitment consultants in IT and non-IT companies.

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