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18Jan 2022

Career Option for Management Students in IT Sales

career option for management student in it sales

By the next 5-6 years, the projected job growth of the IT sales executives is nearly 15%. IT sales is an integral part of the software industry thatwon’t be disrupted or obsoleted even due to automation.


As a management student, you probably might have acquired some sales skills, but IT sales is way different from normal sales job roles.


To become a skilled and industry-ready IT salesperson, your objective should be becoming a problem-solver for the clients, not just doing ‘selling’ and ‘selling.’’


As a management student, you probably don’t have any technical knowledge about software products, but still, you can get into IT sales. Well, you can’t get into IT sales just on the basis of your management degree.


Let’s discuss about IT sales and how you can get into IT sales even with your management degree.


(Note: Your roadmap to becoming an IT salesperson might be time-consuming than other candidates)


What is IT sales?


IT sales is an extensive job role that is far different from other casual sales jobs. In other sales jobs, the person can explain the key features, provide products at the lowest prices, and negotiate with the consumers.


IT sales is synonymous with consultative selling, where the sales executive has to identify the clients’ needs and evaluate the products or services for closing the deal. You probably don’t know that IT sales is very similar to the SaaS sales process. In IT sales, the technology is used to fulfill the clients’ requirements and resolve their problems.


Why is IT sales an in-demand career option?


Furthermore, knowing about why IT sales is a demanding career option is also important for you. Have a look at the below pointers.


  • High-paying job role

An entry-level or fresher IT salesperson with relevant knowledge and skills can earn nearly $3,000 to $4,000 monthly. On the other hand, an experienced salesperson makes almost $7,000 to $9,000 monthly. And not to forget, both experienced and freshers also earn commissions and bonuses apart from the salary. In IT sales, the hiring isn’t done on a monthly target basis.


  • Exceptional growth potential

The top performers always get promotions and appraisals from the company in the sales field. You won’t believe that within 2-3 years, any fresher can become an experienced IT salesperson can learn 6-7 figures of income annually.


  • IT is an ever-growing industry

Information Technology (IT) is one of the ever-growing fields with no limitations for growth. Currently, the IT industry is looking very strong, and it is expected to grow by 10% every year until 2030.


  • Freedom to work virtually

Sales can be done in-person and virtually also. In the IT sector, you’ll many IT sales representatives working from home and still completing their monthly targets. This is actually one of the significant advantages of being an IT salesperson.


How can you transit into IT sales from the management field?


  • Be ready to learn and acquire knowledge to the fullest (or else don’t read this answer further)

Let’s be honest and unbiased. Having the relevant degree is definitely recommended but not necessary. Having the right skills matters more than what you’ve read in your college in the IT sector.


Having prior work experience in the tech field will definitely make you attractive in the employers’ eyes, even if you have no sales skills and experience.


On the other hand, as you don’t have any prior work experience, no sales skills, and no technical knowledge, you have to start learning about IT sales.


As already mentioned above, if you don’t have a liking for software knowledge, there is no point in getting into IT sales.


  • Acquire relevant knowledge from anywhere you can

IT sales isn’t something rare, and gaining knowledge about it is very easy. Like after management, you take some crash courses for polishing your skills and getting better placements.


The same you can do whether you have completed your management degree or not. You can purchase the courses and learn about IT sales through various online learning platforms.


There are numerous free resources also available, like podcasts, blogs, webinars, etc, tounderstand about IT sales. However, if you spend on certifications, those things also add to your CV.


  • You can seek internship opportunities

After acquiring some knowledge, you qualify for entry-level job and internship opportunities. In our opinion, you should look for internships because there you can learn without worrying about the monthly targets. This way, you’ll be fully prepared and show yourself as an experienced IT sales representative to your future employers.


  • Target the right companies and research about them

While learning from the courses and webinars, you get general and advanced knowledge. But, during the internship, you accomplished the daily roles and responsibilities of the IT salesperson.


You’ll find various companies selling different IT products for different clients, different industries, and different needs. Based on what you’ve learned through certifications and internships, target the companies accordingly.


For instance, you did your internship in a company that sells IT products to the marketing sector. As a result, you’ll have thorough knowledge about marketing-related IT products.


Accordingly, target the right companies and research about them before sending your job applications.


  • Refresh your LinkedIn profile

This is a standard practice that everyone should do before applying for jobs. Nowadays, the recruiters do monitor the LinkedIn profile of the candidates. Ensure you have a serious LinkedIn profile and connect with like-minded people.


  1. Put in the latest professional picture of yours.
  2. You should have around 300+ professional connections in the LinkedIn space.
  3. Start connecting with the IT sales representatives. You can connect with entry-level sales executives and IT sales managers.
  4. Start applying to the IT sales jobs available on the LinkedIn profile.


  • Highlight your strengths on your CV, LinkedIn profile, and during interviews

Regardless of your background, you need to highlight your positive attributes.


  1. Highlight your internships records (if you have). If you have some achievements in the sales field, flaunt them openly.
  2. Show yourself as a collaborative sales representative. Sales is about collaboration, and sales leaders often prefer collaborative sales representatives. This also shows your sales potential.


Believe it or not, doctors have turned into pilots; it’s all about developing a strong interest in something. If you want to join the tech industry and sell to people, you can definitely become a successful IT sales representative.


Best of luck for your career!