Empowering Your Employees

Empowering Your Employees in chennai

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28Oct 2018

Empowering Your Employees

Empowering Your Employees

Here are a few tips to inspire your employees and create a better and more positive work environment.

1.Give Employees some Authority –

We all know that with more authority comes greater responsibility. Now, as far as your employees are concerned, give them some authority to take small decisions in the course of performing their duties. Provide the freedom to use their authority and power to perform their work, within certain limits. This gives them, a sense of responsibility to take right decisions, act and work towards accomplishing their given tasks.

2. Listen to them –

In this fast paced world, taking time to listen to someone has become a skill. In such a scenario, You must provide a work-space, in which your employees feel free to communicate their views and suggestions. An opportunity for every employee should be given to comfortably express themselves. Listen to their thoughts and guide them by asking relevant questions.
Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

3. Believe in your employees –

Trust comes with a price. You can derive the best performance even from an average employee. You have to discover the qualities or talents your staff possess, bring them together to support each other and encourage them to achieve the target. It is just a sheer waste of time if you wait for a team of superstars to build and then get the task done. Believe 100% in your team and results will surely be positive for the organization, whether small or big.

4. Forgive their mistakes –

To Err is human. Mistakes are important aspects of every successful achievement. By committing mistakes, one gets to know what is not working for the organization. You should never punish your employees for mistakes. Because public punishment in the work-environment loses its positive and interactive atmosphere. This kind of overly conservative work atmospheres hampers growth prospects. So, set a clear difference between acceptable mistake versus non-acceptable ones, which may not directly offend the organizational values, mission and principals.

5. Provide Growth Paths –

The only constant thing in life is Change. Any organization, people, market scenario, etc. changes with time. If you do not provide a clear growth path for your employees, then eventually either they will leave the organization or the growth of the business will become stagnant. Hence, it is important for every business to provide a solid path for employees to grow.

6. Praise Employees for their Performances –

Recognition and rewards play a significant role in empowering your employees. Proper compensation, title, praise and appreciation of their performances and efforts help a lot for an employee to emotionally connect with the management and organization. This motivates them to voluntarily put an extra effort into their work to accomplish goals.

7. Ask sensible questions –

In course of training or mentoring your employees, ask relevant and powerful questions. Do not make reckless demands or give blind instructions to employees, on how to do something. Make them understand the consequences of their work. Try to talk less, observe more, understand the situation and then express your remarks in the form of powerful questions. Give time to your employees to come up with a good answer.

8. Earn their Trust –

Trust is always mutual and two-way. Make promises only if you can keep up you word. Be there for your employees in their difficult times. Layoffs and unnecessary payment deductions, delay in salary etc., are not a good practice. If you decide to hire a person, be prepared to support that him/her against all odds. Trust and Loyalty go hand in hand and you must take ‘that extra effort’ to gain the trust and loyalty of your employees.

9. Give them time –

Change cannot happen over-night. When you are grooming or training your employees to learn certain things, give them time to understand and implement the new ideas or actions. This includes time to learn, experiment and time to manage their official and personal affairs. Patience produces better results, in due course of time.

10. Side Track your Ego –

Sometimes, it’s good to set aside your ego. Trying to be the only smart person in the organization, doesn’t work at all. It becomes a one-way traffic for ideas and interaction. Similarly, acknowledging another person’s good performance also requires courage. Listen to your employees and take a practical and rational approach to every issue arising in the business.