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28Apr 2022

fastest growing profession in coming years

fastest growing jobs

As the economy and technology improve, the career landscape also gets impacted. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)is the one that tracks growth of different jobs of each sector every year. As per BLS, specific jobs are expected to grow rapidly than others. The fields showing some strong chances of growth are mathematics, education, healthcare, and many more.

As per one survey of CareerBuilder, between 2018 and until now (2021), the high-wages jobs (above 5%) and low-wages jobs (above 5%) have shown the most growth. The middle wages jobs have shown the least growth, which is around 3%.

So, without further ado, let’s figure out the fastest-growing jobs of this decade. Let’s get started.


Solar Photovoltaic Installer


Solar Photovoltaic installers are also known as PV installers that assemble, install, and do the maintenance-related jobs of solar panel systems. The solar panel systems are installed on the roof structures. As solar energy is gaining more attention and increasing its reach to every continent, the jobs of PV installers will definitely increase.


PV installers have good knowledge about mechanical and electrical equipment. This job is very rough and job and requires both physical and mental strength.


The candidates interested in becoming PV installers should have a high school diploma and pursue the PV design and installation courses. The fresh PV installers also receive constant training from their respective companies.


If you’re interested in solar energy and have good mechanical skills, you can think about becoming a PV installer.

  • The projected job growth of PV installers is above 60%.


Wind Turbine Service Technician


As people are turning to different energy sources like wind energy and solar energy, the jobs in this sector will definitely increase in the upcoming years.


The wind turbine service technicians are also known as windtechs responsible for assembling, installing, repairing, and maintaining the wind turbines.


Like PV installers, the job of windtechs is also rough and tough; they work around 12-16 hours a day. Windtechs should be both mentally and physically strong to work for hours in confined spaces.


To become a wind turbine service technician, one should have a high school diploma and learn this trade directly from any college.

  • The projected job growth of wind turbine service technicians is above 55%.


Health And Personal Care Professionals


The health and personal care professionals provide mental and physical assistance to elderly, ill, and physically disabled patients in their daily lives. These professionals help the patients in the bathroom, lavatory, personal grooming, eating, etc. They are responsible for taking appropriate care of the patients and giving the medications on time.


These professionals generally work in the houses but are also appointed in group homes.


Depending on the country, the interested individuals should have desired certifications to work ashealth and personal care professionals.

  • The projected job growth of health and personal care professionals is nearly 40%.


Occupational Therapy Assistant


This job role is quite similar to health and personal care professionals. The occupational therapy assistant assists the patients undergoing certain therapies. The occupational therapy assistants are guided by the occupational therapists. The occupational therapy assistants help the patients during exercises and day-to-day activities.


To become an occupational therapy assistant, one should have a high school diploma and pursue the relevant certifications. These professionals often get on-site training from certified occupational therapists.

  • The projected job growth of occupational therapy assistants is above 30%.


Information Security Analyst


If you want your online business to grow, you should protect your consumers’ data; otherwise, you’ll have to face legal actions. To protect the clients’ data, companies hire information security analysts and follow the best possible practices.


Typically, information security analysts are IT geeks and have relevant certifications in this sector. The information security analysts having an MBA are more attractive to employers.

  • The projected job growth of information security analysts is above 30%.


Physician Assistant


A physician assistant, also known as PA, works under the supervision of the physicians. The physician assistants conduct various examinations and perform multiple duties asked by the physicians.


Physician assistants don’t need to attend medical school but still have to complete the master’s program. The physician assistants also get on-site job training during the learning phase.

  • The projected job growth of physician assistants is around 30%.


Mathematician and Statistician


The mathematicians and statisticians are the real problem-solvers in the corporate world. They analyze different types of data and use numerous mathematical functions for addressing the problems.


Sometimes, mathematicians and statisticians curate different surveys and polls to extract valuable data and analyze them for their companies’ benefit.


These professionals have the option to work for government organizations and private research institutions.


To become a qualified mathematician or statistician, one should have a master’s degree in mathematics or statistics. Statisticians can opt for entry-level jobs after completing graduation.

  • The projected job growth of mathematicians and statisticians is around 30%.


Genetic Counselor


Genetic counselors evaluate the risks of genetic disorders like hemophilia, Ankylosing spondylitis, etc. They educate the patients regarding different genetic diseases, the associated risks, side effects, and treatment options.


Generally, genetic counselors should pursue a board-certified master’s degree in genetics or genetic counseling. The genetic counselors often work in counselingcenters, hospitals, laboratories, and medical offices.

  • The projected job growth of genetic counselors is above 25%.


Speech Language Pathologist


Speech language pathologists address the communication, swallowing, and speech disorders of both children and adults. The speech language pathologists are also known as speech therapists, work in hospitals, counselingcenters, residential care facilities, and schools. Generally, speech language pathologists should pursue a master’s degree in this trade.

  • The projected job growth of speech language pathologists is above 25%.


Physical Therapist Assistants


Physical therapist assistants work under the guidance of certified physical therapists. The physical therapist assistants observe the patients’ health conditions, assist them in performing exercises, and treat them with love and care.


For example, the physical therapist assistants help patients while performing exercises and stretching.


The physical therapist assistants should earn a two-year associate degree and receive on-site job training during the learning phase.


Final Thoughts


The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the fastest growing professions will be from the education, healthcare, and energy sectors.


You need to consider various factors like interests, future prospects, salary, and job security while selecting your career path. In our opinion, you need to choose a sector that shows promising growth in the employment rate in the upcoming years.


Start your career in one of the fastest-growing sectors and accomplish your dreams!