9 Commonly Asked Interview Questions

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21Aug 2019

Frequently Asked Interview Questions In a Technical Interview

FAQ from a technical recruiter

Frequently asked interview questions

Interviews process is multi-staged starting from writing the job description to the closure of the personal interview. The interview process varies from company to company. The screening of the applications takes place first to find out those that suit the Job Description then the candidate is called over phone and telephonic interview is conducted to know the basics of the candidate and whether he is really serious about attending the interview for the job offered and if offered whether he would be ready to join and if so when.

Normally the following are the frequently asked questions in an interview


1. How did you come to know about the job?

 ie what was the source of information? As we know there are various ways one comes to know
of a job offer like an advertisement, word of mouth, through a staff of the company, or whether
the offer was one matched by established recruiting companies ie the JD and CV match. In the
case of jobs for freshers, it could be by way of on or off-campus where this question will not be

2. What do you know about this company?

This question helps the HR to find out whether the candidate has done some research to find out
what type of company he or she is likely to enter and whether one has understood the role for
which he/she has applied for the job. It also shows the interest of the candidate in knowing more
of the company where he/she may work.

3. Tell me more about yourself

As the CV is already with the interviewer he would try to find out more about the candidate. The
next question could be ‘tell me more about yourself’-here the candidate may mention things
about him/herself other than that mentioned in the resume which portrays the candidate's
attitude, strengths, etc. also whether he could be a team player.

4. Why did you choose this company?

The fourth question could be why did you choose this company. This question is to know
whether the candidate is actually interested in the growth of the company by his contribution or
is only interested in the monetary benefits that the company may be offering. The candidate may
reply by saying it’s his dream company or so.


4. Why did you leave the previous company?

 This is a tricky question. Many a time the candidate would have been asked to leave for reasons
beyond his control like a lay off or staff reduction. It is better to mention that in such a case. The
conduct certificate or experience certificate from the previous employer will help.

5. What are your achievements and weaknesses?

 What point do you think you may be strong in? These questions actually tell about the candidate
and give an insight into the candidate's achievements. Established recruitment firms like HR
Inc endeavor to foster organizational competitiveness by providing the right skillsets for
existing skill gaps. They have a specialized team that looks into IT recruitment has years of
experience in understanding the specific needs of their clients, quickly developing talent pipeline
from our readily available database, performing an initial screening and providing a pool of
potential candidates that suit the business requirement. 

6. Inquiring into the family background of the candidate

If the candidate is a fresher his background would be inquired into like what his father was
doing, whether his mother is a working person and whether he/she is the only child. These help
to know the candidate's commitments to the family-like if he is the only child then the
responsibility of the family is on this candidate and hence he/she may stick on longer as the job
is of importance to the candidate.

7. A technical round

If the job is technical, Questions on the technical aspect are asked. At times there is a
questionnaire or a test conducted to access the candidate’s problem-solving capacity technically.
Based on the scores, the next round of face to face personal interviews are conducted.

8. Group Discussion

This group discussion is held where there are a number of fresher’s just out of the campus and
/or when many candidates are there for a particular job. Generally during the Group discussion
which is had general questions/topics are put forth to be debated like on politics, film industry or
sports, etc. This is done just to know how much the candidate knows about general affairs other
than his or her own subject. It is very important that a person must be aware of the current affairs
and industry. This helps to get a review on the candidates English speaking and team playing
capacities. IT also accesses the flexibility of the candidate.

9. The personal HR round

In case of an interview for technical jobs once the technical round is over then the personal HR
round will be held which is more relaxed and the candidate is asked about the parents, their
qualifications and work etc. the round is to know just more about the candidate which was not
covered in the above like hobbies, likes, dislikes of the candidate are inquired.
A read into this article will help the candidate to prepare him/herself for the interview


As a conclusion, it may be mentioned that the HR manager seeks a lot of things from the
candidate while interviewing them. The questions asked during the interview help the HR  manager to judge

a. The Candidates skill set

b. The attitude of the candidate

c. The honesty of the candidate

d. Soft skills and initiatives that the candidate takes.

It may thus be noted that in case of a job interview the formulation of the questions based on which the candidate is selected for the job is one of the prime steps in the selection of the candidate.