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28Mar 2021

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5 Ways you can get a Job Abroad


Foreign countries and life abroad continues to allure us. A lot of us dream of traveling and working abroad in a foreign location. Sadly, work and wanderlust don’t mix for most people. Those who would love to travel don’t have the resources or the financial support and those who do have the resources find it difficult to take out time from their busy schedules. Working abroad is a great way to experience life in a foreign land while you earn the bucks.


Thanks to expanding globalization, the world is a smaller place and there are more and people moving places in search of jobs. However, the question that remains is – how easy is it to find a job abroad? Well, it certainly isn’t easy because local markets have talent as well but there are opportunities that welcome foreigners.  If you too are toying with the idea of working abroad, you’re at the right place. Here are some ways you can find work in your country of choice:-


Do your homework – This includes deciding on a country of your choice and understanding its social, political, industrial environment. No, it isn’t just about a good expat community. It is also about work permits, visas, companies operating there, working rules for foreigners, opportunities in your field etc. A lot of professions are a part of the protected industry which is a move by the government to support local people. Find out. Make sure the roles you are looking for isn’t protected.  Find out about employment laws etc. before you start looking for roles. You have to have a sound idea about the place you plan to live and work in.


International Recruitment Platforms – Platforms like Next Station offer both employers and employees a platform where candidates can find jobs and employers can find great talent. Such portals are easy to use and all you have to do is register and fill in your details. Once you register you will be connected to opportunities that might be of interest to you.


Work as an English Teacher –Finding work as an English teacher is one of the easiest ways to find work. Most schools require the candidate to have a bachelor’s degree, native English speaking ability and some levels of certification. You would be required to take tests like IELTS and TOFEL depending on the country you wish to go to. You can find a job with local schools/colleges or NGOs. The pay may not be great but it would be enough to cover your living expenses. The criteria vary from country to country and from school to school so make sure you go through the requirements thoroughly. Also, since the employers are local schools and colleges or NGOs they may not cover relocation costs etc. So a good idea would be to land in the country first and then look for a job. You can always look for other jobs once settle down and start work.


Work Exchange– If you’re working for a multinational that has offices in other countries, one of the simplest ways to work abroad is to take up an assignment in another country. A lot of multinational companies also allow work exchange which allows you to work in a foreign location of the company for a year or so. Of course, that can take a good three to four years for you to be eligible for such programs so you have to be patient.


Internship and Volunteer Opportunities – Again you would need the help of agencies of international program providers offering various internship and volunteer opportunities. These are short-term, temporary stints but they will give you the much-needed exposure nevertheless. Mind you though, you might need some financial backup as some of these programs are completely voluntary and might require you to manage your own living expenses. Some pay but again because these temporary stints, the pay isn’t great or they might just provide for your accommodation.


Final Takeaway


There are plenty of opportunities abroad you just need to know where to find them and most importantly have a clear plan of what you want to do. Simply landing an opportunity isn’t enough. There is lot of paperwork, documentation and formalities involved which might differ from country to country. The process can actually turn out to be more time taking and arduous than finding a job but you have to be patient and meticulous. Remember, it is all going to be worth it at the end when you finally board the flight to your dream destination. So get set and get to work.