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09Jul 2022

how to prepare for successful interview

how to prepare for an successful interview

When an interviewer asks you, “Do you consider yourself successful?”- the answer will always be a “Yes.”

It must be.


Confidence is about optimism and self-belief. 

If you consider yourself successful only after you get that job- that lack of confidence will show in you. 


An insurance company once recruited 100 optimist people even though they failed the test. But after a few months, their report showed that these less skilled yet optimist people had 10% more revenue than the average consistently.


Interviews are one of the fascinating-yet-terrifying hurdles we grow up thinking about. We grow up thinking it is all about sporting the formals and carrying a briefcase resume. But in real life, it is being present at the moment with preparation and confidence.


Here are a few tips to boost your confidence for your first interview-


#Tip 1 : Google the most common questions-


Questions like your five-year goal, weaknesses and soft skills are really common. They are also likely to ask about your internships, projects and resume gap- if you have any. Also prepare the classic, “Tell me something your CV does not have.”

The answer should portray your unique experience and perspective. And practice these answers so you do not falter while answering.


#Tip 2 : In-depth knowledge of the subject-


A large part of interviews is about your competence in your subject. If you get your basics right and explain a concept to them well, and with fluency- you will already make a good impression.


#Tip 3 : Research the job description and the company values-


If you apply for any and every job you can find- even when it does not match your interests, you are subconsciously programming yourself for failure. While appearing for an interview, research the company, its values, programs, work ethics, etc., and prepare answers on how it matches your personality and how you can contribute to them. Also, attend the pre-placement talks of the company if available.

Interviewers are there to provide jobs but to the most eligible candidate to join their team. And you have to position yourself as the one they are looking for.


#Tip 4 : Filter the fillers-



I am talking about all those “Ah”, “You see”, and “actually” that you fill your speech with when you are unsure. It’s better to be silent a second more than to use the fillers and fidgeting. Also bring that certainty in your voice, tone and posture. In a real life situation, if you are not sure yourself about your product, how can you convince others to buy those?


#Tip 5 : It’s okay if your English is not perfect-


As Indians, English is not the mother tongue for most people. The interviewers know that too.

Speak slowly and clearly to make up for that. You can listen to audiobooks, and watch English movies to enhance your skill. And trust me, you are not that much behind your peers who are too fluent in English.

It is always okay to ask a question again if you could not get it, just be a bit attentive. And it is also okay if you accidentally blurt a non-English word in the middle like “Accha”, or “Dekhiye. Your interviewers will understand.


#Tip 6 : They are human too-


I consider this my best tip for an interview.

Your interviewers are there to judge and evaluate you, sure. But they are also human beings. Most importantly, they have been an interviewee once too.

Focus on making that sincere connection with them, as a person. Rather than showing off your skill and knowledge, focus on how you can collaborate with their team.


#Tip 7 : Prepare well-


Preparation is key in an interview. Especially when you want to show up as a professional. Keep your important documents and dress ready well before an offline interview. And have a stable internet connection, plug in your laptop and use a noise-cancelling interview for an online one. This little preparation goes a long way.


#Tip 8 : Breathing techniques and power poses-


Just before the interview, practise deep breathing, do the power poses in front of a mirror for a few minutes. It will calm your nerves down and you will get a boost of confidence.


#Tip 9 : Try to steer the conversation in your line of expertise-


You have greater control in your interviews than you believe. Most of the time interviewers ask questions based on your previous answers. Try to steer the conversation to your field of expertise. If they get a good impression while talking to you in that aspect, your impression overall will be great. And if you get stuck in your weak point, also try to change the subject to your strong point.


#Tip 10 : The affirmative tone-


Always use an affirmative tone. It is professional and a must-have for sales. In an interview, you are selling your service. So tweak even your worst moments in a manner to show how you learnt from that experience and overcome that deliberately. But do not be too confident to a point of arrogance.


Which is your favourite interview tip? Share with me in the comment section.