It is important to motivate employees and retain them.

keep your talent pool completely motivated, devoted and retained.

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16Nov 2018

How to retain your Best Employees?

How to Retain your Best Employees

How to retain your Best Employees?

The human resource of an organization consists of various kinds of employees, who differ in their level of devotion towards their work. Certain research has disclosed that only 30% of the employees in an organization are actually truly engaged in working towards achieving organizational goals. Another 50% is engaged to the level of checking out the break times and evening time to leave. Remaining 30% are actively disengaged with the office environment and sometimes negatively affect other employees’ productivity.

It is important to identify such employees and to make efforts in motivating them. But more importantly it is required to retain those 30% of employees who are doing the major chunk of work in an organization. 

Hiring the best talent which is highly productive is still easier, but to retain such a talent and to keep them motivated throughout becomes a task. Businesses have to make sure that they make enough efforts to keep such employees intact in the system. There are a few ways which can help you understand, how to keep your talent pool completely motivated, devoted and retained.

  1. Give them ownership: The employees should feel like they are working for their own business. Giving ownership of their work and freedom to take decisions fosters better results. Some organizations go to the extent of allotting stakes to their employees, thus making them business partners.
  2. Transparency in communication: It is important to promote a two way communication process which provides opportunities to the employees to voice their views and give their feedback. A transparent communication channel prevents unnecessary communication barriers.
  3. Assign them engaging work: Employees who are more dedicated are fond of taking up challenging responsibilities. It keeps them interested in the flow of the work and they are able to perform better. Any kind of monotony can demotivate them and they can get an inkling of being devalued.
  4. Give them respect: All the employees should be given respect at every level. Every person has his own self-esteem which he does not want to lose come what may. Hence, giving proper respect to them gives them a sense of belongingness and oneness within the organization.
  5. Give them flexibility of time: It has been observed that the organizations which are a little flexible about the work timings are better off at retaining their employees. Most of the people like the freedom of taking a few hours off at one time and extend a few hours at another. This keeps them better motivated and they also feel more responsible for their work without any external intervention.
  6. Take periodical feedback: A periodic employee survey needs to be conducted by an organization in order to understand what the employees of the business actually think about their superiors, colleagues and the overall office environment. Such surveys should be taken seriously and proper measures should be adopted to implement any corrective action.
  7. Assist their personal growth: Employees most of the times feel the need of career development and growth within the organization. Such requirements if catered to can create high level of motivation. Organizations that provide equal growth opportunities to their employees and sufficient prospects of learning and development are found to be able to retain their best employees for a longer period.
  8. Recognize their work: Rewards and recognitions form a very important part of the motivational theories being used through ages. Any work that is not recognized is followed by a lesser productive work. Hence, all efforts made by the employees in an organization should be recognized and employees should be publicly applauded and rewarded for any exceptional input given by them.
  9. Provide them with good working conditions: Good working condition is one of the major hygiene factor for working in an organization. A place which provides a comfortable environment with friendly and co-operative people around keeps you motivated in accomplishing your task better. Good working conditions are one of the major factors that retain the employees in an organization.
  10. Create a secured working environment: The overall working environment of the organization should give a sense of security to the employees. There may be female workers who might have to stay back late for work hence, they should be provided with proper security while in the office premise. A proper dress code for the office should be defined to keep the environment formal and congenial to work.
  11. Provide justified remuneration: When a good talent works for an organization with the objective of achieving expected results in the best possible way, it becomes imperative for the organization to remunerate that employee as per the industry standards or even better. As it has been noted that most of the times salary is the major factor for an employee to switch jobs, the organizations should purposely try and provide a better salary annual hikes to their talent pool as compared to the competitors.
  12. A dedicated HR team is important: In bigger organizations HR is a must, but even for smaller ones where say around 100 to 150 employees are engaged, an HR personnel can be appointed. A dedicated HR team should always focus on keeping the employees happy and in making the work environment better. They can also be assigned with the job of keeping the best employees contented and satisfied within the organization.

With an increase in the amount of work opportunities in the global market it has become all the more difficult to control attrition. Hence, serious efforts need to be made to keep employee satisfaction and engagement high within the work environment.