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10Aug 2020

How to Start New Job from Home amid Covid 19

start new job from home

The job market is reeling under tremendous pressure amid the pandemic outbreak worldwide. We were still discussing the adverse effect of automation in the present job scenario; one more trouble in the form of COVID-19 came everyone’s way. It is the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus, the industries across IT, BFSI, Manufacturing and Telecom domains witnessed massive layoffs, leaving many employees jobless. 


However, things are getting better now and employees are getting hired online. Now, the challenge arises as and when a new employee joins a company virtually and starts working from home. Right from understanding the working culture to adjusting in the virtual and new ecosystem, the employee naturally has to go through subtle psychological pressures. Therefore, we have come up with the following pro tips that will make every candidate to start his/her new job from home in a comfortable and easy way during COVID-19:



Participate in the Induction Process with a Clear Mind-set


Before an employee starts working after getting hired, the induction process is conducted by the HR team. This process is conducted to make the employee familiar with the company’s working philosophy and ethics. This is time when the new joinee must take part in the session in an interactive way. One must ask all the questions to get a thorough overview of the company and its work culture. The following questions should be asked by a new employee during the online induction:


  • What are the office timings and attendance policies?
  • What will be my KRA and who all are going to be in my team?
  • In case of any administrative help, who should I call?
  • What are the leave policies?
  • Who will be my reporting manager?


Get Accustomed with the Digital Tools


Gone are the traditional ways of attending meetings and sharing files. The pandemic era has changed everything as mostly you will have to interact with clients and colleagues virtually. Therefore, get hands-on experience on virtual meeting apps such as Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams App, Zoom App or whatever video conferencing tool your company is using. In addition to this, fix a place at your home for dedicated office work and arrange all your essentials at the same specific place. This will help you to work in an easy and comfortable way. One must also make sure to keep an alarm clock and dairy for attending meetings on time and taking notes accordingly.


Engage with Team Members and Let People Know You


Since you are working in a traditional office environment, you will have to take your initiative and introduce yourself to other team members via calls, chats and emails. At the end of the day, it is all about teamwork. This is the way; you will understand the role of every team member at your organisation and you will start feeling being the part of same team. Most importantly, this will help you to work in a streamlined way and achieve the targets comfortably.


Know and Interact with Your Core Team


It is of utmost importance for you to gel up with your core team members. You must keep regular touch with your immediate manager and colleagues as they will mentor and help you to get the official work done without any kind of problem. In addition, you should not hesitate in asking for help from your manager and team members. This will not only make your work easier but also strengthen your bonding with the team.


Time Management


Time management is the one important factor you must consider while starting to work in a new company. You must keep a balance between your and organisation’s priorities. Further, breaks are also important as it will keep you fresh and active. Therefore, plan your work and keep your manager informed about your daily work activities before starting to work. You should update your manager from time to time regarding the work progress as this will keep things between you and your manager crystal clear.


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