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16Dec 2020

Important Company Culture Strategies to Attract Right Talent

important company culture strategies to attract right talent

When it comes to retaining and attracting talent, a great compensation is no longer enough to win over the strongest candidate. In today’s competitive environment the ability toattract and retain top talent is the puzzle all corporate leaders aspire to solve. A 2018 study by LinkedIn revealed that 70% of the people wouldn’t work for a company with a poor work culture even if it means compromising on the pay. People would rather take lower pay or forgo a fancy title than deal with a bad workplace environment.Therefore company culture is becoming more and more important to the overall recruitment strategy.


What exactly is ‘Company Culture’?


Company culture refers to attributes, values and characteristics of an organization. It includes elements like work environment, interaction between employees, communication between employees and the management, leadership style, ethics, mission and goals. Company culture may or may not be expressly written but it can be seen in the decisions the company makes during difficult times and in the actions and behavior of the employee and the management.


Importance of Company Culture


When you hire like-minded people they are likely to speak your company values and identify with your goals and objectives. Employees are likely to enjoy working where their needs and values are consistent with that of the organization. They take pleasure in the work they do because they feel valued and cared for as opposed to an organization where they don’t fit in with the workplace culture. Good culture enhances workplace experiences and creates a motivated workforce that is better positioned to achieve corporate as well as personal goals.


HR professionals and senior management is wising up to the fact that the recruitment landscape is changing and company culture is becoming an important factor in attracting the right talent.


Here are some strategies businesses can leverage to create a healthy workplace culture so that the organization becomes a magnet for talent:-


Define what the organization stands for –The very reason the organization exists should be clearly outlined. The vision and mission of the company should be clearly stated on the company website, company documents and all leaders should demonstrate the values. Only then the employees will follow suite. A healthy culture is when both the management as well as the staff together contributes to the accomplishment of the company’s vision.


Encourages Growth –A positive culture is the one that offers plenty of growth opportunities for employees both horizontal and vertical. Not everyone aspires to be a top level manager. Some employees might just be content with new and challenging roles that help them enhance their skill and knowledge. Make sure your company culture is such that employees can grow across all levels. Mentorship programs, regular goal setting, top-down collaboration are just some of the ways an organization can promote growth and development.


Foster Social Connections –Workplace relationships are important element for a positive culture. An organization where people barely know their colleagues and hardly interact will hardly grow. Therefore, an organization should take steps to build connections amongst employees. This can be done by organize recreational trips, team building events outside of the office where  employees across departments get to know each other and build a rapport.


Work environment – Finally an important aspect of the company culture is the work environment. A healthy work environment where workers feel happy and motivated is the key to attracting and retaining top talent. Find out what matters most to the employees and think about incorporating that in your culture. For instance, if the nature of business is such that it requires working long and odd hours you could consider including free meals, snacks and beverages or even transport to ensure that they get home safe. This will make them feel cared for and valued. The happiness will reflect in the workplace and set a positive work atmosphere where employees will be encouraged to give in their best and also stay longer.


Hiring employees that don’t share the same values will be a misfit. It will give rise to personal conflicts within the employee and this will in turn impact their productivity. Therefore the onus is on the employer to set their employees up for success and make sure the employees’ values and ethics is in line with that of the company.


Another aspect of building a strong culture where people feel valued is to take into account changing needs of the generation. People no longer want to stay in companies for a lifetime patiently waiting for retirement. They want to be in a place where their ideas and opinions matter. Things like flexibility, freedom and trust have become more and more important for an organization. As long as those needs are met they are likely to stay with your company and also bring other people with them.




Finally your recruitment and the interview process should reflect the company’s culture and personality. Look at things from an employee’s viewpoint and evaluate. This will give you valuable insights on how to improve your employer brand. Everything from your job posting, company website, communication and follow-up methods should ensure the most accurate portrayal of the company. Even simple acts of posting a framed copy of the company’s values, vision and mission on the walls of the entryway or the main office or picture of the founders on the entrance would go a long way in creating an impact on the employees’ minds.