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16Jun 2021

New Age HR Practices In Covid Era

New age HR skillset

But nobody thought that everyone would be working from home and students will be studying from the laptops. Believe it or not, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things and transformed companies' hiring process.


The workplace is dynamically improving, and here the HR department is like the captain of the entire ship. The Covid-19 pandemic has given a significant breakthrough to the recruitment industry. Seeing the current situations, HR professionals have to adopt some new-age HR skillsets to tackle the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Enhanced Flexibility


As businesses worldwide are following the ‘Work From Home’ concept, this will significantly impact the corporate world in the upcoming years. Undoubtedly, it has already impacted the ways employees are working and overall businesses functioning.


As a result, human resources professionals must be quick enough to adapt to the current and upcoming changes and keep adding value to the work environment. In this rapidly evolving market, HR professionals can’t afford to struggle while adapting to the drastic changes in the corporate world.


Staying flexible in the work environment was about adopting the latest technology advancements, but now having an open mindset and capability to handle stressful conditions is much important. Above all, implementing the new and unexpected changes is an additional responsibility for the HR professionals.


Tech Savvy Nature


Even when there were no hints of the Covid-19 pandemic, HR professionals still need to implement the new technologies in the work environment. After all, they are like a bridge between employees and board members. As per reports, it has become imperative for HR employees to pursue digital skills for adding value to the work environment.


The reason is Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the needs for experienced professionals having unique digital skillsets for allowing businesses to stay aligned with the booming digital technologies and platforms.


As the upcoming industrial revolution is around the corner, the latest technologies have a huge scope, but people understanding these technologies is imperative.


Although it’s challenging for every HR professional to get familiar with all the technologies and platforms, knowing the fundamentals of Big Data, computer programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) will help them catapult their profiles in the corporate world.


Critical Thinking


As per the new reports released by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), nearly 40% of employers feel that HR professionals lack critical thinking and should prioritize this skill instead of other soft skills.


In this technology-driven era, whatever you see on the internet cannot be 100% genuine; it’s imperative to evaluate the right information and making informed decisions. Critical thinking isn’t only necessary in the post Covid-19 period, but this soft skill is mandatory to become an industry-ready HR professional.


Brilliant critical thinkers will ask questions that add more value to their work environment. Thus, HR professionals have to turn themselves into critical thinkers, especially when the corporate world is still struggling to adapt to the new changes.




Don’t think that only board members are the actual leaders; HR professionals are actually leading the whole companies. Yes, because they are the ones who are constantly keeping an eye on the daily business activities.


But, ‘Work From Home’ is a barrier for HR professionals to monitor the employees’ activities. It’s challenging to evaluate whether the employees are giving their 100% not.


Thus, there should be a twist in the leadership skills of HR professionals. Instead of supervising and managing the employees, it’s time to encourage them and create flexible work schedules (if required).


The ship of your company is in your hand; it’s you who can stay united with your colleagues and tackle this challenging situation.


Emotional Intelligence


Many HR professionals have never learned about emotional intelligence, but the current situations are unbearable. This is when many employees are suffering from personal, financial, and physical challenges; HR professionals have to connect with them emotionally.


Managers who can control their emotions and motivate them even at their uncertain times are real business leaders. Emotional intelligence isn’t only important for managers, but employees should learn to control their emotions. Controlling and understanding emotions isn’t only important during this pandemic period because uncertain situations are always unpredictable.




The new-age technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are considered the best analysts; still, humans are unique and have the ability to think out of the box.


Creativity isn’t only associated with creative job roles; it is also essential for HR managers. Believe it or not, the business environment and landscape will continue to revolve.


For example, businesses won’t float in the corporate world on the basis of investments and marketing strategies. Having the creative mindset for steering the business through uncertain challenges and opportunities.


Thus, having an innovative mindset has become important for HR professionals to maintain peace in the work environment and boost sales reports.


The Takeaway


In our opinion, the new-age skills mentioned above aren’t only important for HR professionals, but it’s the right time that everyone should upskill themselves. Believe it or not, if you have the ability to predict unfortunate situations and lead the work disruption, you’ll undoubtedly become a true leader in the corporate world.


Thanks for reading!