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16Jun 2020

Recruitment Consultant Expectations vs Reality

recruitment consultant   expectation vs reality

Hiring the right people for a job is a challenging one. Some may have the required skills but do not have experience. Some others will have lots of experience but no skills required for the job. In such a situation, majority of the organizations opt for recruitment consultants to help them selecta suitable person. Selecting the right candidate from a pool of talent is indeed a tiring process. In this way, companies save their time and effort in conducting interviews. Here are some expectations and reality of recruitment firms from the employers’ point of view.


·Expectation: Large database helps in recruiting efficient and skilled candidates

 Reality: The employers believe that recruitment firms would have a big database of candidates, and it becomes very easy to filter the efficient ones. In   reality, the recruitment firms do   not maintain a large database regularly. As and when the data becomes obsolete, they archive the data or else dispose of   them. Having a large database can never guarantee   acquiring of skilled and efficient candidates.


·Expectation: Selection of the right candidates is an easy job for the experienced recruiters.

 Reality: It is unlikely to imagine that just by having more experience in recruitment will makeit an easy job. It involves sourcing, screening, arranging preliminary rounds of interviews,   arranging client interviews, etc. These require effective communication and an organized approach too. Every job post comes as a challenge to the recruiting firms as it comes with a   set of new skills and qualifications. Every employer expects the proficient to be on board. This makes the recruiting firm strive hard to attain its purpose.


·Expectation: Recruitment consultants help in choosingthe right candidates and trusting them is the only source of recruitment.

 Reality: Companies indeedhire recruitment consultants to make their job easy, but there is no such assurance that, every time employers hire them, they will come up with skilled and   experienced candidates only. Extensive dependence on hiring companies for recruitment is not a good practice.


·Expectation: Recruitment agencies bring only highly-specialized talents for the role

 Reality: It is true that recruitment agencies drill deeper and bring the best talents onboard but it is also the task of the company to look whether they satisfy all the criteria as mentioned   and not blindly interview all the candidates sent by the recruitment agency.


·Expectation: Employee promotions will be taken care of by the recruitment agency.

  Reality: The promotions are made by the recruitment agency but only based on the feedback from the employers. Lack of effective communication increases the gap and insufficient      data will affect employee promotions and increments. This scenario happens mostly in IT companies, where every quarter, a review meeting is held for every employee.


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