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30Sep 2019

Various Role of Human Resource in a Modern Organization

Role of HR in an organization

Every organization is represented by the people it appoints. On the one side is a set of the people who form such organization like the owner or MD or Chairman. On the other side are the employees who work for the organization. It must be remembered that no company cangrow without the hard work and efforts of the workforce in the form of the employees, workers, staff of the organization. They ie the employees are actually the backbone of any organization and their wellbeing is of utmost importance in a company.


But how are these people actually appointed? What is the basis, criteria and what are the strategies adopted in this process? This is where the role of a HR really comes into the picture. It is the work of the HR team to appoint the right personnel for the right job. Of course in today's world, we have several reputed recruitment agencies like the Hrinc Consultantswho do this work of recruiting people for the company based on the requirement of the company. However once that is done, finally the Human resources department in an organization fine tunes the candidates need and then takes it further.If this is being handled by the company itself the HR deals with the employees right from formulating of the job requirement to the recruitment of them, training, appointment dealing with their problems, their salary and compensations, etc. This department deals with employee benefits. It is supposedly one of the main important departments in the organization.


So what does this HR team really do?

·        Their main roles are-

Firstly it is to analyze the nature of teamrequired in the organizationie what is the purpose for which the organization has been formed and then to take necessary steps to form teams or recruit members, who can fulfil the goals or objectives of the organization.


a. The HR then plans accordingly based on the job description for the workforce who will help to meet the goal of the organization. Right from the setting of the description of each job, to choosing the right candidate based on the job requirement the HR plays an important role. The modern era requires a leader who is modern and agile. He or She should also be the person, who is capable to handle the diverse team. Hence the appointment of the right candidate is of utmost importance.


b. Employees are appointed to do the work for a reward in terms of salary, wages etc. So once the employees are chosen or selected the next work to be decided by the HR team is the fixation of the compensation and benefits the employees will get in return for the work they render.Of course here it is with the consultation and decision of the management. This is one of the most important functions of HR. A good candidate is one who will help the company to grow financially and otherwise. So paying a good reward for the right candidate is a critical decision which the HR can put up to the management to decide.


c. The HR team will then formulate the policies required for the employees to work better like giving the appointment letter, scheduling of the training or for the new recruits, fixing the time in, time out details, Flexibility in time like in case of urgency to allow taking a few hours off for some personal work and how to adjust it, period of break, formulating Policies like leave encashment, Holiday lists and once the employee completes the training or probation period then the preparation of the confirmation order of the employees then the increments and its criteria etc.


d. The HR is the link between the top management and the employees or laborers, They co-ordinate the relationship and the problems of the employees with the management.


e. Employees once appointed are supposed to maintain the confidentiality of the company policies and not misuse the company’s property. They work on behalf of the company and are responsible for any act done on behalf of the company. This part is also handled by HR by setting risk management.


HR management basically deals with the effective management of the people who are employed in the organization as employees in such a way that they help the organization to grow and help the business to expand. In other words, it helps to maximize or optimize the performance of the employees with respect to the objectives of the organization such that the organization gains and makes more profits and expands. To build a good future for the business the company should invest in the betterment of its staff as well. The knowledgeable staff can hone the other employees who need extra training. When there is a pack of very strong staffs, then the future of a company can be very bright.


Sometimes the HR team of the organization is entrusted with the responsibility of transforming not only the processes but also the work culture of the organization. Digital transformation of HR as a function comes forth with innovative techniques of streamlining the major HR undertakings like learning and development, people management, recruitment, etc. It subsequently leads to a more engaged workforce and adoption of more innovative techniques.


A reference to https://www.hrincconsultants.com/hr-in-the-digital-world site will give an insight on how HR deals within the digital world.


HR Department in bigger organizations is a must, but that does not prevent smaller companies to have HR personnel, in fact having a proper HR team in any organization is good. A well dedicated HR team helps and focuses on employee betterment and happiness so that they perform better also helps to make the environment they work better. A good HR team, goes a great way to keep the best employees satisfied and contented and thus retain them within the organization thus preventing employee churn.


It may thus be noted that having a good HR management is vital for any organization as proper staffing and keeping them happy and satisfied goes a long way in the growth of any organization.