A resume has the potential to land you in a dream job.

Keywords in a resume serve dual purpose.

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19Nov 2018

Seven Secrets of a Job Winning Resume

job winning resume

Seven Secrets of a Job Winning Resume

HR Inc. is committed to creating a bridge between our valuable clients and potential job seekers. Through a series of blogs, we would be offering interview tips, career guidance and resume tips to job seekers.

“The success of a resume depends on the number of calls you receive”.

A resume has the potential to land you in a dream job and deny you one. Hence it is critical to craft a resume that compels a recruiter to pick their phones and dial your number.

Below is a list of seven secrets that can create a powerful and a job winning resume.


Presentation of a resume cannot be stressed enough. A good resume has to be easy in the eyes of a recruiter and help them grasp the core content of the resume in few seconds. There should never be a compromise on the presentation. For a recruiter to handpick a resume, it’s font, layout, and the sequence of information has to be clear and concise.


Keywords in a resume serve dual purpose. They present themselves to search algorithms of job sites and coerce a recruiter to shortlist a profile. Care should be taken not to overemphasise keywords on a resume. When used adequately and spread across the entire resume, they act as key points of attraction.


There are contradicting views on the inclusion of a photograph on a resume. But it is safe to assume that a good picture would display the confidence level of a candidate and increases their brownie points. A good photo would help a potential recruiter draw a mental picture of your profile which lingers on their mind for quite some time.


Displaying references on a resume is an act of confidence. References should never be your blood relations or friends. They could be your clients, your colleagues, or peers. References add an aura to a resume and make it heavier than the competitors.


A recruiter is interested in what you achieved and expects you to replicate the same in your new role. Listing your accomplishments on a resume would pack a punch. Achievements could be an increase in sales or winning an award. Big or small make sure you register them.

It pays, to be honest!

Instead of cooking up facts, it is extremely safe to display actual information. Recruitment is a highly intertwined industry. Every recruiter has some connection or the other with peers. Once you are caught for making up information, it would continue to haunt you for the rest of your career. Stay away from displaying false information on your resume; you would thank this blog post for the rest of your life.

Justify Career Breaks

Career breaks are unavoidable for women, and in some rare cases for men. In such scenarios, it is imperative that you can justify the break in your resume or during the interview. Taking up a course adds ample justice to a break. If it is a health related issue, mention them during the discussion, as there is no necessity to write it on the resume.