How to Hire Successful Talents

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Step By Step Recruitment Hiring Process

Recruitment process step by step

Steps to Hire Right Talent

The process of recruitment involves various steps. This involves steps from attracting
the candidate by way of advertisement, then to shortlist the candidate based on the requirement
of the job, then conducting the interview whereby shortlisted candidate is finally chosen and then
the candidate is appointed formally.

In todays world it is very difficult to follow all these processes to get the right candidate for a job
opening. We have well established recruitment firms, who do this and help in this process to
identify the right candidate.

Now let us see the Step by step recruitment hiring process :

Step 1- The HR Manager must analyze the need for the job opening which is the basic part
of recruitment process. For eg if a company MD wants a PA, It is essential to know whether
this job of a PA is actually needed to be created or whether the same can be done by an
existing staff who may be in the admin or accounts person who is a bit free and is willing to
take up additional responsibility of the job with a small hike or increment in his /her salary as
the company may have started following an systematic automation policy. If however the
Company feels that if the job cannot be fulfilled by any internal adjustments and actually
there is a real need of a person for that work, then the HR cum Manager has to take a
delegent call to create an appropriate designation for the job and recognize appropriate roles
and responsibilities for that position.

Step 2-The second step would be that of framing the requirement or The Job Description
in other words. Eg. If a person has to be PA to MD, the designation cannot be that of an
office assistant. The JD should have roles, responsibilities of the candidate, what is the salary
that can be offered, the experience needed, and the skill set required that the company is
expecting from these candidates. This is one of the crucial part in the recruitment process and
recruitment companies rely on this to understand the requirement and close the position.

Step 3 - finding the right candidate. The search for the candidate can be internally or
externally. There are various ways to attract the candidates. In the past it used to be by way
of word of mouth, newspaper advertisement which even today is one of the main common
means to attract candidate or even at times handouts. Sometimes it could be by way of staff
referrals too. Today internet online recruitment is more in vogue. People just go online and in
sites like just upload their resumes. These agencies know the company’s
requirements and based on that they interlink the company’s requirement with that of the job
seeker and then screening takes place.

One can also approach well established HR consultancy firms, who know how to match
the JD of the company with the profile of the candidate and thus is beneficial to both the
company and the candidate in terms of time and also proper choice of the candidate.

Step 4- Process of recruitment then involves the scrutiny of the received applications
and short listing the same based on qualification related to the job and also on experience,
quality and skills of the candidate. This is done by the HR. Identifying the suitable
candidate is a difficult process. It’s not only the qualification requirements but the in
build talent which is important here. It is very important that the candidates submit a
proper resume and CV which will help short listing the candidate. Many a times a person
who is prepared to do any job irrespective of his qualification and job requirement may
also apply for the job. So proper scrutiny of the received applications goes a long way in
selection process of a candidate. Established recruitment firms if appointed do the short
listing of the resumes received from the candidate. They conduct the screening and send
the cream of the profiles to the company. Once the HR of the company receives the
screened profiles they further shortlist it based on the suitability.

Step 5- Selection of the candidates- The selection process is also called the interview
process .This involves short listing and then the assessing of the candidate by way of an
interview. Normally depending on the nature of the job 2-3 interviews are held to know
the candidate, to review his/her competency, understand the candidates positives and or
negatives and also whether he/she will be able to gel in a team. Today team work brings
in more success and its very important that selection process should ensure that the
candidate is able to be a part of a team or lead a team. Read

Step 6- Generally reference checks are made of the selected candidates. This is called
the back check verification. Established and reputed HR consultancy firms do a free back
check verification of the selected candidates. The HR of the companies can make use of
such reputed HR firms to do such free back check verifications. These verifications are
important as it supports your decision that you have selected the right candidate. A pre
employment screening helps one to validate the candidate’s work and experience. Back
check verification helps to know the true picture of the candidate and his genuineness in
the job.

Step 7:-Then comes the offer letter which is generally made in writing and is a legally
binding contract. The offer letter will mention the position he is offered, the CTC with
break ups of the salary and final take home etc. It is not necessary that the candidate we
offer the job will surely turn up as he/she also will try to get some offer much better that
the one offered. So it is important that the candidate is called to ensure he turns up and is
serious on taking this offer.

Step 8- When the candidate finally turns up for the job he is given the appointment
order which has a legal binding between the employer and employee per se where in all

other details regarding the employment terms and conditions etc are given to the
candidate including the notice period etc.

Step 9- Once the candidate is formally appointed he goes through what is called the
training program which can be organized and is very important for the candidate as well
as the company. The employee needs to know his or her co-workers and the company, its
history, the management, his immediate reporting boss, and he has to know his role. So a
clear outline of his job or requirement will be explained. An orientation program may
also be conducted helping the employee to know how he/she can fit in the team where he
or she is to work.

It has been very nicely said that-Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation
determines how much you are willing to do and it’s your attitude that determines how well you
do it. Recruitment process differs from organization to organization but it is very important to be transparent with the candidates.