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13Jul 2020

Strategic Employee Retention 2020

strategic employee retention

The recruitment agency or the hiring team of a company spends huge manhours in hiring the right candidate for the respective job role. The opportunity cost behind this work is also huge. Therefore, it could be said without a shadow of doubt that companies will never want to lose their employees unless something unwanted happens within the organisation.



Companies whose work philosophy is employee-friendly prosper in terms of organisational growth and brand value in the market. Other than this, no company will want to lose its potential resource just because of the working culture at the office. Losing a resource not only leads to disbalance in work management but also comes with the unwanted opportunity cost and time to look for a resource of same calibre, which in itself is a tedious job. Here, we present some of the proven strategic steps that companies need to take in order to retain their potential employees


Relation between Employees and Managers


Unhealthy relation between employees and managers is one of the prime reason employees tend to leave their companies. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the HR team to encourage employees to participate in feedback sessions and ask them about the problems they are facing in the company. Further, HR managers should often conduct interactive sessions where they should act as a moderator and initiate the talk between employees and managers. This will not only resolve the issue between employees and managers but also build healthy relation between them.


Career Growth and Opportunities


This is another area that needs to be relooked. Employees also leave organisations due to lack of career growth and opportunities. Every employee needs career growth and look for creative opportunities. However, when they feel their career is going haywire, and the job they are doing has become stagnant, they have no option but to leave the company. This is where HR Managers should conduct training sessions and ask for the participation of managers and executives. These training sessions will encourage and motivate employees to work and feel being a part of the organisation.


Great Place to Work


Every organisation must strive to make its working culture employee friendly. This will instil a sense of pride among employees working at the respective company. In addition, they will love coming to office and work in a productive way if the working environment of the organisation is supportive and friendly. Therefore, the HR Team of organisations should conduct things like internal events, game shows, brainstorming sessions and feedback sessions to keep the team members of the company motivated. It will build trust among employees for the organisation and they will think twice before resigning.


Awards and Recognitions


Many employees leave the organisation as they feel secluded. If employees don’t get the due acknowledgement and appreciation for their work, they tend to lose hope and trust for the company. Therefore, the Human Resource Team of every organisation must make sure to give due recognition to employees for the work they are doing. This can be done by giving them certificates for stellar performance, giving awards for employee of the month and so on. Acknowledging the effort of employees will motivate them to work in a productive way.



This is how employers can retain their employees for a longer period and induce the process of business growth.Therefore, the role recruiting agencies become pivotal in finding the right resource for the organisation that stands tall on the talent and behavioural scale as well. HRINC Consultants is doing the same thing as a recruitment and manpower agency. It is engaged in the process of finding the right resource at executive and management levels for clients from diverse sectors like manufacturing, media, real estate and marketing.