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01Jun 2020

Technology Can Never Replace Recruitment Consultants: Top 5 Reasons

never replace recruitment consultant

Reasons That Technology Can Never Replace Recruitment Consultants

  1. Formality Over Cordiality: Recruitment is not only a formal process but also a hunt for a person, who is cordial, and who is behaving decently with other colleagues, and so and so. In that sense, the technological recruitment idea like Artificial Intelligence will look over the formal aspects like the work experience, talents, and skillset, and chooses a candidate. It is damn sure that it will come up with a more worthy candidate than a normal recruiter does but considering the ethics and values, the former cannot judge a person. Neither the job seekers include those human values in their resumes. So, it is a race between formality and cordiality.

  2. Selection Based on Availability: Sometimes, the technological recruitment does make adjustments, but for the sake of alternative opportunities like the unavailability of the person or so, it does not make concerned and appropriate alternation. For instance, if the company needs a candidate, who can adapt himself to another role if there is a need, then the job seeker must have adaptation skills. Artificial Intelligence or any other technological recruit does not test this thing. They do what is assigned to them and choose the right person who has that particular appropriate skill.

  3. Testing the Candidate’s Level: This is very hard when it comes to technological recruitment. Technological recruit tests the candidate for the level of what it is programmed and does not carry the recruitment process on the balanced level in terms of candidate’s eligibility. For instance, a company recruiter carries the interview process based on the candidate’s skill level and makes the interview either so intense or can reduce accordingly. A brilliant candidate can be asked some tricky questions and a fresher can be asked questions at a base level and so on. That is another thing which technological recruitment lacks.

  4. Extracurricular Skills: The AI-powered technological recruit does not care about the extracurricular activities that the desired candidate has or not. Also, as the company does not care about that either, it is to be concerned that the company is not a place run by machines and robots. They are humans, and do want some entertainment and relaxation. In that sense, a normal recruiter will choose a candidate concerning that area too and will have a managed recruitment. 

  5. Recruitment Is Not a Smart Process, But a LogicalOne: Recruitment is not a thing that requires smartness alone. It involves analogy, sensation, a balanced mind, and ethics. The technology cannot cope up with these values as it is humans who are gifted with such desired skills.


We indeed need to speed up the process and progress of our work using technology, but it is very sensitive if we add it at the very beginning. The catalytic process will be applicable only to speed up the chemical reaction, and hence it is added during the process but not at the very beginning. Similar is the recruitment process; we can allow technology work for us as a supplementary process but we should not allow them to control us entirely, which can lead to a grave danger.HR INC Consultants is one of the best recruiting agencies in Chennai, who know the value of the candidates and rely more on recruitment via humansthan humanoids. Because; the HUMANOID is just a VOID in recruitment area!