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05Jun 2020

Ways to Choose Best Recruitment Agency


It’s an HR nightmare to not be able to fill the open positions and vacancies with the best candidates in an organization. It can be any industry like, IT, Retails, Hospitality etc. Time and resources are invested by the hiring teams to transparently carry out the entire recruitment process. It’s challenging to find the right person to do the right job, and fill up the position if it has to be repeated often.


Most of the organizations don’t have adequate time and resources that they can entirely devote to this process every time they are looking for the new set of employees. So, most of these firms prefer to use a recruitment agency or a recruitment consultant, who helps out in finding the right qualified person for the job.The next question is why the recruitment agency appoints for the hiring process?


The answer is quite simple, mainly because the organizations wish to save time and resources, and improve the quality of the hired workers.Let’s take a look at how choose the right recruitment agency for your company or business:


Five Ways to Choose the Right Recruitment Agency


To team-up with the right agency for hiring candidates is not a difficult task. All you need to do is set a few criteria that have to be satisfied before choosing the agency. Here are the five essential criteria that you should consider before choosing the right agency for your company or business.


1.Expertise in the Domain

Typically, the recruitment agencies help out organizations by recruiting candidates for various roles and positions. But, if your company is looking for candidates for some specific roles or job positions, then it’s of utmost importance that you pick an agency, which has experience in hiring the candidates in that particular domain. This will help you gain a lot of qualified professionals as employees, who will have the required skills, knowledge, and experience.


2.The Strategies They Adopted for Hiring

Before making a decision, you should inquire about the possible plans and procedures the agency employs for recruiting the candidates. See if they pre-screen their candidates and conduct tests to make sure they possess the qualifications and skills they mention. If the hiring approach doesn’t suit you or give you the confidence, then better look for another agency.


3.How Prominent Is the Agency?

Check the reviews of the agencies; look at their previous clients because it will give you an idea about the practices they follow and the services they provide. So, the agency you wish to hire should have a good reputation and must possess the right business standards. They should be true to their words if they claim they hire top talent available in the field.


4.Check Their Online/Social Media Network

The agency’s social network will give you an outlook on how they interact with the potential active and passive candidates—the approach they employ to find out the candidates to fulfill the vacancies.


5.Lastly, See Their Source of Finding Quality Talent

This is the most crucial part that every organization should concentrate on before choosing a recruitment agency. It would help if you asked them about the candidates, whether they have an extensive network of people looking for jobs. And do these people match the profiles of your company. Ask the approach of recruitment. They should follow transparent recruitment policies. They should thoroughly test the candidates and not just choose them based on nepotism. If everything goes well, hire the agency right away.


Hope that the above points will help you to steer your business and organization into finding a suitable recruitment agency that meets all your criteria.


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