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12Jun 2020

Why do Firms feel Annoyed of Recruitment Agencies ?

reasons for feeling irked of recruitment agencies

Getting the right talent onboard is the quest of every other organization. With the count of talent seeking employment is way more than the number of openings; it often turns into a tenacious task for hiring managers to zero in on one from a bunch of many. Hence, most often this task of getting the top best candidates is left in the shoulders of recruitment agencies that do the work of filtering the best. They, on behalf of their client, conduct the initial recce and shortlist the able ones.However, in this process, manpower consultancies often forget to keep themselves in the place of the clients and the reason for their loss of trust in them. Following are the 7 top ways in which a recruitment agency may go on to irk the clients:

1.Ghosting Away Without Notice

Often employers find themselves being put completely off the radar once they have paid their invoice. However, the task is not easy to hatch. From placing ads to connecting with the potential candidates, analysing their behaviour, and finally shortlisting them for the final interview is a task in itself. Amid these, the thought of clients often goes off the head, which often leaves the clients irked of recruiters.

2.Not Adding Any Value

Well, technological advancement has surely eased many tasks. Thus, the tools that recruiters use to gauge the candidates are also something that the hiring managers own with them. Herein, comes the question, what extra value does the recruitment agency add to the company? Are they well aware of what are the requirements and think about how they can offer a beneficial solution to their needs? Besides, are they thinking innovatively or just going on the path of fees and bonuses coming their way?

3.Not Taking Adequate Note of Requirements

In the very first meeting, do you, as a recruiter, begin with highlighting your pros and achievements? Or does the interaction happen both ways? Thus, the recruiters are recommended to listen twice and gain a complete sense of what your client is looking for. This will not only ease your process in finding the perfect employee for clients but also reduce the confusion.

4.Having Zero Ideas about Their Clients

How well, as a recruiter, do you know your clients? Recruiters, who have no idea about the clients before sending the candidate, can turn havoc for the client later. Thus, it is better to have a phone call or skype interview with the hiring manager that would make it easy for all.

5.Shortlisting Candidates Who Don’t Make the Brief

Sometimes recruiters go on to submit CVs and profiles of candidates that do not match the set briefing. Here again, knowing what the clients require in advance, will help recruiters save a lot of embarrassment.

6.Bribing Clients to Cover Their Lack of Finding Candidates

Hiring managers expect recruiters to find the right candidates for their organization. However, they are often met by bribes as compensation for their failure to find the right candidate. It is better to have a one-on-one talk and get the right briefing that will help you better your work.

7.Delay in Meeting Deadlines

Another trouble faced by clients in the case of recruiters is the delay in meeting the deadlines. This lack of communication further goes on to reduce the trust of clients on recruiters. Thus, it’s recommended for recruiters to be communicative and reason their delay instead of hiding away and heightening the plight of clients.

Herein, the need is for the agencies that take their work seriously and work in coordination.HR INC Consultants is one of such top agencies in Chennai providing staffing solutions; they not only understand the real value of candidates, but also understand the needs of clients by providing them with the most able talent.