They are fresh, flexible and ready to be moulded.

They are self-motivated, action oriented, energetic and highly productive.

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11Dec 2018

Why should Startup Companies Recruit Freshers ?

Startup Companies training freshers

Why should Startup Companies Recruit Freshers ?

Startup stands for "New Beginning, New Scope and New Opportunities."

Be it any industry type, entrepreneurs today are innovative not only in products and service but are also front runners in breaking the stereotypical rules of business management operations that include Hiring also.

While the industry norm has always been to recruit experienced professionals over fresher, however, the recent hiring trends show that this is changing, especially in start-up landscape.  In one of the study carried out by The Economic Times, it showed that; The top Indian startup with valuation of over $1 billion each are on a hiring spree and more than half of all job postings by these unicorns are for fresh graduates.
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Another study carried out by top recruiting company of Europe showed that  where the demographics of some of the successful start-ups were considered, employees with 5+ years of experience made up 15% of the total strength, those with 2+ years of experience made up 30%, while Freshers with less than two years of experience made up 55% of the team’s strength. This indicates that the Startup companies are investing more and more in Fresher than experienced professionals.

It is true fact that the salary payable to these Freshers are lower than the experienced candidates, which is an important consideration for startup and many MNCs.  But it is not the only factor, given priority, during hiring process by their HR department.

Startup Companies are always on the lookout for skilled and dedicated people.

Let's check out some key benefits of hiring a fresher for a Startup company than an experienced one:

1) Cost Effective : No doubt Freshers are inexpensive compared to experienced professionals and they are more hungry to get a good chance in the form of a job, to show their talent, skills, willing to learn more and grow professionally as well.

2) Excited to Share Experiences : Freshers are most likely to talk about their work to all their friends, social media and keep on updating their work experiences freely. This spread of word about the Startup company is faster, which surely helps in garnering more positive vibes than any other means.

3) Highly Productive: They are fresh, flexible and ready to be moulded. They are looking for gaining experience. They are self-motivated, action oriented, energetic and highly productive. They absorb all information and try to put it in practical application. This makes them more passionate and determined to complete every job assigned to them using the best of their potential.

4) They Stay Longer: If right fresher is hired for the company, given right environment and guidance, it is likely that they will stick for a longer time and will be a part of your company's growth story.

5) Value the Opportunity:  Freshers value the opportunity which they get at Startup companies. They respect it and try their hand at various tasks given to them. They are at a nascent stage in their career and are more willing to experiment with different tasks and projects of the company.

Globally, not only Startup companies are preferring Freshers but many multinational companies like Paytm, Exotel, Voonik, Pepperfry, Accenture, Razorpay, etc. are also looking to pick them fresh and young.

The main reason being that, they can mentor and mold them easily as per their company’s requirements. Their HR departments are not focusing on just academic excellence but on overall aspects of intelligence and soft skills.

Here are some important qualities a Startup company should look for, in a fresher, while recruiting.

  • Strong basic knowledge of the required skill
  • Soft-spoken, Polite with an amiable personality
  • Honest, hardworking and team player.
  • Self-motivated and willing to do multi-tasking works.
  • Time management and logical thinking capability.

After hiring, these Freshers should be handled and mentored under a competent senior colleague, who can understand the individual's qualities and blend them according to the company's different work roles. They should be given clear job roles and responsibilities to achieve the company’s set goal.

Final words:

Startup is a great platform for Freshers to begin a career with. It surely becomes an enriching experience for both the company and the team, if both are matched properly by an efficient human resource recruiting agency or team for effective hiring and great output.