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06May 2019

Challenges of HR Managers

HR Managers

Challenges of HR Managers

The HR Managers form a very vital part of any organization. With the advent of technology development and globalization, the distance between any two countries has shrunk. This had let to open a door of possibilities. The likelihood of a person from one country to apply for a job in a country in another continent is now a very common one. With such greater opportunities, the employees, as well as the employers, have gained a lot. The employees got better chances and the employers got better staffs to work in their company. There are two sides to every coin, similarly, there is another side to the advantages of this globalization and technology eruption. Here are some challenges that HR Managers face.

Attracting the Talent

The Internet has been a boon for applicants as well as the companies. It is a medium which helps both the parties to get what they need. When there are such opportunities overflowing, the potential candidates will have their choice to choose the best possible job opportunity. With this situation, the HR Managers should find the best talent by giving them the best package and best work environment. Therefore, attracting the top talent for the job requirement is one of the biggest challenges that the HR Managers face currently.

Managing Diversity and Improving Cultural Sensitivity

Whilst there is a burst of diversity and networking amongst the staffs in a company, there ought to be some rules to regulate the work culture. When in the past where people working in a company are from the same locality and shared a similar culture, it wasn't a problem to educate the staffs about the need to respect other cultures. But now as the company hires candidates from different parts of the country the HR needs to address cultural and ethnic sensitivity among the workers. The HR Managers should also take necessary steps to make employees from different backgrounds feel included in the company.

Need to Address the Change

Change is probably the one thing that every human being is afraid of. It is inevitable. Let it be the technological change or even the changes caused by the employees. Nature and the ability to work changes over the course of time. Therefore the HR Managers should be equipped with dealing with sudden changes like an immediate need for training or any substitution for a staff who is gone for a leave of absence.

The HRM is not only attributed to just managing employee happiness, their work, and diversity, it should also take care of the changes happening to the company by other factors and act accordingly. This is yet another challenge that the HR faces.

Retaining the Talent Pool in the Company

Another serious challenge faced by HR is to retain the employees and not let the talent drain from the company. It is common for the employees to move on for a change after 4 or 5 years in a company. For this reason, the company should never put all its bet on an individual. However, the talent pool should not be declining as the employees move to a different company. Therefore, in order to keep them working at the same place, the company should provide them the different tasks which would motivate them and give them a chance to revive their usual work. The company should also give the employee's salary increments and promotions for keeping the talent pool the same with them.

Induce Conductive Working Environment for the Staff

A conductive working environment is one which would enable better working conditions and support the staffs to work to the fullest of their potential. It is known that the better working condition is directly proportional to the better efficiency of the staffs, which in turn is proportional to the overall company growth. HR should always be monitoring the teams and act on the teams which require motivation or additional training.

Providing rewards to whole working employees by giving additional break time or introducing some sort of game time in the midday will freshen up the tiring work of the day. It will revive the workers' mind and help them to view the daily chores at a fresh perspective. These methods are implemented in major MNCs’ like Google where they have separate places like a game room.

The Challenges of HR Managers are very dynamic. As there are changes happening in every sector, so does the challenges faced by the HRM.