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25Jan 2019

Confidence Building Tips for Job Interviews

Confidence Building Tips for Job Interviews

Confidence Building Tips for Job Interviews

Job interviews are nerve-wracking, no matter how much you prepare for it!

In ‘Interviews’ - you are actually, submitting yourself to be judged for almost half an hour by strangers and who have the power to control your career growth.

Certainly, you'll get anxious!

And when you have a spotty job history, it even becomes difficult to enter the room with confidence.

‘One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is Preparation’ - Arthur Ashe.

Here are some job interview tips and techniques shared to boost your confidence level and crack the personal interviews. Follow these job interview tips sincerely and they will surely help you to reach the success ladder with flying colours.

1. Research the Company:

Before attending any job interview, deeply research the organization, business and all the logistics associated with the actual interview. The more knowledge you have, the more confident you'll feel at the interview.

2. Prepare well for the Expected Questions:

Prepare a list of expected questions depending on the stated job description. Search on the internet, if possible enquire with the staff about the potential questions that can be asked at the interview. Practice them at home with friends or family members.

Prepare some general points in response to questions that can be posed to you depending on your qualification, job history and personal background. The more you practice, the more confident you will feel and go in the interview with a clear mind.

3. Prepare a well-customized CV for the Job:

A  good CV is the first step towards presenting yourself as a strong contender for the position. The first impression is created by your CV - without your physical presence, in front of hiring managers or employers or recruiting agencies.

Make sure that your CV is well updated with relevant employment history, qualification, soft skills and work experience. The resume should be clear, concise, grammar & typo error-free and possess a consistent format. Present all previous job roles in a systematic manner to give a correct hint of how experienced you are in your field, to your potential employer.

Try to limit the resume to 3-4 pages with relevant information only. This saves you from facing any difficult or awkward questions that you might not able to answer. Carry 2-3 copies of your resume for the interview, if asked by multiple people at the same time.

4. Present yourself as a Desirable Candidate:

Present yourself as a confident and potential candidate for the post as soon as you arrive at the interview. Make sure you dress properly according to the job requirement.

Look fresh, smart, and presentable, be polite, positive and maintain a confident demeanour throughout the whole session.

Remember that your confidence emanates from how exactly you present yourself at the interview, so be conscious of this.

5. Promote Yourself to the Fullest:

While answering commonly asked questions like - 'Tell us about yourself', make sure that you're talking about yourself to the fullest potential with honesty. You don't need to be shy or modest, because you don't know what other candidates have said about themselves and you don't have to fall behind at any cost!

Be confident about yourself and promote yourself in the best possible way to create a worthy impression of your candidature for the post. Give them a strong reason that you’re 'The One' that they are looking for and should hire you, immediately.

So, go all out with confidence and rock the session!

6. Don't hide relevant information:

It is important not to hide anything that is relevant to the job or profession from the employers. When asked about, why you left last job - be honest and tell the truth. They will definitely appreciate and consider you as a trustworthy individual.

7. Win the first Five minutes:

This is very important and nobody tells you this secret that the first five minutes of your interview session are the deciding factors of how your interview session will proceed. The hiring managers already know you through your resume and the purpose of the interview is to fill in the gaps that can’t be mentioned in resume.

Studies show that about 30% of hiring decisions are made within 5 minutes of the commencement of the interview. Your appearance and what you feel about yourself - influence your interviewer's perception about you.

So be positive, give a firm handshake, smile, make eye contact, sit tall, listen properly and be present in the moment. Focus on what the hiring manager is saying and react in kind, rather on thinking what to say in future. Keep the conversation fluid. Go in with a lot of energy and spark up the interview session!

Final Words

‘Interview’ is all about standing out from the crowd along with being confident, honest and genuine. Show up your talent and best potential abilities to make a positive impression on your interviewers.

If you are feeling nervous all the time and not getting the desired results even after putting lot of efforts, then don't hesitate to take a professional career counselling from trusted counsellors to resolve your career concerns.

'The secret of acing a job interview is to stop believing in luck and start believing in you.'

Project self-confidence in job interviews with the better preparation and control of emotions. Remember that a job interview is not a test of your knowledge but it is a check of your ability, to use it at the right time.

By following and practising above mentioned tips for all your job interviews belonging to any industry type, you can surely boost your ‘Self-confidence’ level, considerably!

So, friends - Be confident and success will be yours!