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15Sep 2020

How to show the gap in career affected by covid-19


COVID 19 is the worst ever crises that has affected the world economy.Economic activities came to a standstill and businesses faced losses. While some closed down completely, others had to cut costs drastically to survive. This had direct repercussion on the job market as millions lost their jobs. If you too have lost your job during this pandemic, take heart. You’re not alone. There are hundreds and thousands of others in the same boat.


However, one of the primary concern in the minds of job seekers affected by the crises would be how would they explain this gap in the career to their future employers?


Be Honest and Tell the Truth


Well, be honest. It is best to tell them the truth. Everybody is aware of the situation and current economic scenario. So they would understand. Don’t take it personally as it is not necessarily a reflection of your skills or performance.


As for the gap which could be weeks or even months in the current scenario, here are some of the effective ways you can show it on the CV:-


Include a note about the gap due to COVID 19 – You could include a short note in the resume or cover letter regarding your current situation. This will help the employer understand and consider your application rather than discarding your resume and application right away because of the employment gap.


Utilize the time to upgrade your Knowledge and Skills – Being unemployed is a terrible feeling but instead of sulking or complaining about the situation, you should think of ways to utilize this break to your advantage. Enroll in some online courses. There are several online learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Courseera etc. Try to obtain as much certificates as possible related to your area of work or to enhance your skills. You could even consider some part-time, contractual or freelancing opportunities to keep yourself updated with the industry and to stay  connected with like-minded people.


Update Your Resume – Keep your resume up to date at all times. If you have enrolled in some course or are involved in some professional activity during the period, include that as well. This will show the employer that you haven’t wasted your time and instead taken pro-active measures to build your knowledge and skills. They will see you in a positive light and  thiswill improve your chances of getting hired.


Go all out in your Job Search –You have to be aggressive in your job search. Become active on job portals.Register with well-known Recruitment Firms. Naukri for instance, has introduced special features to help especially those candidates who have lost their job during the pandemic. Use those features. Call upon your network. Use social media portals like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook to search for opportunities and connect with employers.


Lastly, these are trying times. It is important to stay positive and focused. Utilize the time productively while you’re searching for jobs and the worst will soon be behind you.It will help to see videos like these and get motivated to get up and act on your plans.