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22Mar 2019

Phases of a Job Search

Phases of a Job Search

Phases of a job search

Phases of a job search starts from the time you decide to start looking for a job, until you finally get the job of your dreams.  There is, as such, no time frame for this because it is the preparation before the job search, which is more time consuming. Once you are clear on your goals and have made all the relevant preparations like apt cv, updating your skills etc., then it is only a matter of a few days before you get placed in the company you desire.

Let us quickly brief you on a few steps that you need to take before plunging into the job hunt.

Phase 1: Analyzing your strengths and Weaknesses

This is the first step in your job search phase. Analyzing your strengths and weakness will provide you the control to project yourself well in the interview as well as normally. Find your power places in different technical skills, aptitude, and soft skills. Give yourself a self-assessment to find out about the values, personality traits and even some of your interests which might have been buried deep.

Reviewing your positive qualities and weakness will help you answer so many questions effectively, during the interview and also give you a new perception, of the job searching process.

Phase 2: Finding your career objective

For those who are Fresher and even for a few experienced candidates, who do not have a clear picture of their future career, this is that phase of your job search where you have to come to terms and discover your career goal first.

To find your career goal or chart out a career path, do the following tasks.

  • Research the companies in your area of interest.
  • Analyze the career growth in that field say after a few years from the present.
  • Shortlist the locations where the field is blooming
  • Eye on the different companies which would be compatible with your preferences.
  • Explore the openings and jot down all the career requirements the company seeks.
  • Enhance your skills according to the needs of the job role. Skills can be technical knowledge related to your job or developing soft-skills that is required, for best performance in your field.
  • You may also seek help from certified career counsellors to find out more details regarding career options and discuss the best course of actions for you.

Phase 3: Preparing Yourself

First, Prepare a winning resume. This is the most important phase of your job search, as companies and HR Managers will call you only if your resume is impressive. For more details on resume writing, you can refer https://www.hrincconsultants.com/seven-secrets-of-a-job-winning-resume. You may also seek help from professional cv writes for this.

Circulate your resume to as many people as possible through networks and other channels. Be active on social media platforms. Join groups related to your field and participate actively in discussions related to your career.

Phase 4: Working towards the interview

When you apply for the job, look at the job description and skill requirements mentioned, to get an apparent idea of the skills you have or do not have. Since it is pertinent that there would be three or four choices of companies in your shortlisting, see if there is any common requirement they ask, which you do not possess. Get it done. Read https://www.hrincconsultants.com/what-are-hr-managers-looking-for-when-interviewing-candidates this will give you a fair idea on preparing for the interview. Keep handy copies of all certificates and recommendations you have received. Read as much as possible and see useful videos related to your industry and keep yourself up-to-date on the current events or new happenings.

Phase 5 : Finally , at the Interview

By now you will be well prepared. So during the interview be calm and poised. Do not slouch. Show confidence and go well dressed. Be punctual. Give sharp and witty answers. Here is how you should answer to the most commonly asked question “Why Should I Hire you?” during your interview.

Cracking an interview is an art and can actually be done meticulously. Have a clear mind and be your best version on that day.

All the best for your job search.