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15Sep 2020

How to show the gap in career affected by covid-19

COVID 19 is the worst ever crises that has affected the world economy.Economic activities came to a standstill and businesses faced losses. While some closed down completely, others had to cut costs drastically to survive.

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10Sep 2020

Springboard to your dream job

The recruiting world has all its focus on a candidate's career. Learn how to springboard to your dream job with HR Inc

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26Aug 2020

How to Respond Negative Feedback

Obtaining regular feedback from employees is imperative to understand the state of employees and the extent of their engagement. This constitutes receiving feedback on various aspects including the performance of functional as wells as HR managers and the perception employees hold about the organisation’s culture, environment, their own motivational level, etc. Needless to say, managers who seek regular feedback from their employees are termed as better leaders than those who do not.

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17Aug 2020

Job Market Post Covid

No one knows what happens next second.Life is all about uncertainity and this uncertainity has affected many people lives with great impact and this article teach you how to survive, adapt and how job market will be after Covid 19.

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10Aug 2020

How to Start New Job from Home amid Covid 19

We were still discussing the adverse effect of automation in the present job scenario; one more trouble in the form of COVID-19 came everyone’s way. It is the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus, the industries across IT, BFSI, Manufacturing and Telecom domains witnessed massive layoffs, leaving many employees jobless.Here are the steps to start your new job from home amid Covid - 19

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