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13Jul 2020

Strategic Employee Retention 2020

The recruitment agency or the hiring team of a company spends huge man hours in hiring the right candidate for the respective job role. The opportunity cost behind this work is also huge. Therefore, it could be said without a shadow of doubt that companies will never want to lose their employees unless something unwanted happens within the organisation.

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18Jun 2020

Best Tips to Handle Job Rejection

It is always frustrating to get rejected in a job interview. Further, the failure in a job interview leads to stress and anxiety.Here are some amazing tips to overcome job rejection and how to find a way out for upcoming success.

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16Jun 2020

Recruitment Consultant Expectations vs Reality

Hiring the right people for a job is a challenging one. Some may have the required skills but do not have experience. Some others will have lots of experience but no skills required for the job. In such a situation, majority of the organizations opt for recruitment consultants to help them select a suitable person.

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12Jun 2020

Why do Firms feel Annoyed of Recruitment Agencies ?

Getting the right talent onboard is the quest of every other organization. With the count of talent seeking employment is way more than the number of openings; it often turns into a tenacious task for hiring managers to zero in on one from a bunch of many.

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09Jun 2020

How to build an Impressive CV

CV is the first point of contact between a job seeker and an employer. Therefore, it is crucial that your CV should be succinct and attractive. It is imperative that the CV should reflect your information explicitly.

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