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14Jan 2019

What do recruiters look for in a CV?

We design our CV thinking it is comprehensive and competitive, but still it may not leave the required impact. You may be holding an appropriate experience and may be a suitable candidate for the recruiter but if you are not able to document it on your CV, you may stand a chance of not being considered at the first level itself. The time when you are about to send your profile to the recruiter, sit down on your CV and analyze if it is actually going to meet the requirements of the recruiter. Hence, there are many aspects which need to be substantiated before submitting your CV to a recruiter. Before, starting to draft it ensure that the following aspects are duly covered:

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20Dec 2018

HR in the ‘Digital World’

Human Resource is one major function that has been significantly affected by digital revolution. It is fundamentally the course of digitalising all the HR related processes in an organisation. Here, the HR team of the organisation is entrusted with the responsibility of transforming not only the processes but also the work culture of the organisation. Digital transformation of HR as a function comes forth with innovative techniques of streamlining the major HR undertakings like learning and development, people management, recruitment, etc. It subsequently leads to more engaged workforce and adoption of more innovative techniques.

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11Dec 2018

Why should Startup Companies Recruit Freshers ?

It is a true fact that the salary payable to these Freshers are lower than the experienced candidates, which is an important consideration for startup and many MNCs. But it is not the only factor, given priority, during hiring process by their HR department. Be it any industry type, entrepreneurs today are innovative not only in products and service but are also front runners in breaking the stereotypical rules of business management operations that include Hiring also.

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25Nov 2018

What do Successful Managers Do Differently?

All Managers are vested with the obligation of holding their teams together and aligning their personal goals with the organizational goals, through optimum utilization of resources. They are considered to be well trained and experienced in taking care of their teams and keeping them motivated towards their objectives. However, some managers are more successful in guiding their teams through and in achieving better results than others.

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23Nov 2018

Do Performance Appraisals really work?

Performance appraisals form a very vital process of any organization in analysing and gauging the annual performance of its employees. The major objective of performance appraisal is to provide feedback on the performance of the employees, reward them for their achievements through increase in salary or promotion and redirect their activities towards organizational goals in case of any deviation. It is generally believed to serve the purpose of bringing positive change in performance of the employees through necessary feedback.

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