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25Nov 2018

What do Successful Managers Do Differently?

All Managers are vested with the obligation of holding their teams together and aligning their personal goals with the organizational goals, through optimum utilization of resources. They are considered to be well trained and experienced in taking care of their teams and keeping them motivated towards their objectives. However, some managers are more successful in guiding their teams through and in achieving better results than others.

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23Nov 2018

Do Performance Appraisals really work?

Performance appraisals form a very vital process of any organization in analysing and gauging the annual performance of its employees. The major objective of performance appraisal is to provide feedback on the performance of the employees, reward them for their achievements through increase in salary or promotion and redirect their activities towards organizational goals in case of any deviation. It is generally believed to serve the purpose of bringing positive change in performance of the employees through necessary feedback.

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19Nov 2018

Seven Secrets of a Job Winning Resume

A resume has the potential to land you in a dream job and deny you one. Hence it is critical to craft a resume that compels a recruiter to pick their phones and dial your number. “The success of a resume depends on the number of calls you receive”.

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16Nov 2018

How to retain your Best Employees?

The human resource of an organization consists of various kinds of employees, who differ in their level of devotion towards their work. Certain research has disclosed that only 30% of the employees in an organization are actually truly engaged in working towards achieving organizational goals. Another 50% is engaged to the level of checking out the break times and evening time to leave. Remaining 30% are actively disengaged with the office environment and sometimes negatively affect other employees’ productivity. It is important to identify such employees and to make efforts in motivating them. But more importantly it is required to retain those 30% of employees who are doing the major chunk of work in an organization.

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28Oct 2018

Empowering Your Employees

Empowering Employees[/caption] Empowering Employees "As we look ahead into the next century, Leaders will be those who Empower others." - Bill Gates Why is Empowering Employees important? Being the head of the Management, the first thing you need to understand, is that, the success of the organization depends on the success of your Employees.

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